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Hudson Milestones


Without our donors and sponsors, Hudson Milestones' success would not be possible. We thank the following businesses, organizations and individuals who have contributed to this success in FY2016.

22nd Street Meat Market, Inc.
A.V. Cortez Associates
AAA Fire Protection
Abao, Zenaida
Aceti, Bianca
Aceti, Jerome
Acquaye, Theophilus
Acquaye, Vera & Theo
Admin. Staff
Advanced Electrical Systems
Aguirre, Digna
Aguirre, Dinah
Ahmad, Muhammad
Al Quick Quality Printers
All Jersey Title, LLC
Almonte, Romano
Amadeo & Miller
Amadeo, Nat & Jane
Ambrozia, Gabe
Arceo, Vicente
Armstrong, Danielle
Atanassov, Vladimir
Atienza, Carlito
Atienza, Narina
Barkhorn III, Henry
Basile, Pasquale
BATC Staff
Bautista, Merlinda
Baylon, Josefina
Bayonne Smile Center
BCB Community Bank
BCG Advisors
Beaudry, Judith
Bedrock Stone Inc.
Beese, Kim
Belair Services
Bello, Rosemarie
Belvedere, Tracey
Blvck Studios
Board of Directors
Bonilla, Santiago
Bougades Electric Inc.
Bougades, Peter
Brenner, Nancy
Briamonte, Vince
Brinkman, Kevin
Broadway Sunoco
Broadway's Image Barber Shop
Brockman's Pharmacy
Brogan, Joe (State Farm)
BRR CORP - Broadway Diner
Burns Bros Memorial
Byck, Mildred
Caban, Crystal
Cadorna, M/M Eduvigio
Camaya, M/M Jaime
Canimo, Judith
Carceo, Vicente
Carrero, Elizabeth & Anibal
Carrington, Antonia
Carter, Kajuana
Cartridge World
Casino in the Park
Chandelier Restaurant
Chowlan, Leslie
Ciccone, Angela
Ciccone, Antonio Jr.
Concerned Citizens of Bayonne, Inc.
Connelly, Thomas
Cooper, Alan & Phyllis
Crawford, Valerie
Crawford, Veronica & Carlyle
Cristofol, Cecelia
Cruz, Eufracia
Cruz, Romulo & Leonida
Curio, Theresa
DeGise, Thomas
Deleon, Cynthia
DeLeon, Eileen
DeMan, Gerard
DePinto, Bernard
Derowski, Maura
DiGioia, John
Dingle, Theresa
DiRienzo, Donna
Dolan, Charles
Dolan, Donna
Dolan, M/M Charles
Edge, Jennifer
Eng, Leonida
E-Valve Technologies
Evangelista, Zosima
Executive Key Staff

Fagan, Rosemary
Farese, Joseph
Fell, Fe
Ferrie, John & Shirley
Fields, Evanett
Fineza, M/M Primo
Fiore, Andrew & Ellen
Fiore, Theodore & Janice
Flores Car Wash
Focus Autism, Inc.
Frimpong, Barbara
Frost, Barbara
Fumento, Anthony
Gabe Ambrozia & Sons Plumbing & Heating Cont.
Garcia, Angeline
Geremia, Rosemarie
Gilson, Amy
Gordon & Rees
Gray, Karen
Greenville Memorial Funeral Home
Grossmann, Peter
Guiterrez, Princesito
Gutierrez, Flordeliza
Gutierrez, M/M Alejandro
Haas, Nicole
Hampson, David
Hartz Mountain
Hauptman Carpet
HC Board of Chosen Freeholders
HC Constitutional Officers
Henderson, Francis
Henn & Nardini Contracting
Herring, Judy
Herzog, Robert
Hinzpeter, Matthew
Holiday Express
Hudak, Joyce
Hussey, Ronald
IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign
Ilagan, M/M Arturo
Ilagan, Vincenta
Inserra Supermarkets
Integrated Translation Services
Ippolito, Michele
J.R. Refrigeration Service & Parts
Jarencio, Edgardo & Teresita
Jenkins, Stephanie
Jespersen, Kevin
Johansen General Contracting, LLC
Joseph Kenney Construction
JR Refrigeration Service & Parts
Kearny Bank
Kelly, Ruth
Ken's Marine Service
Knights of Columbus
Kovacs, Krista
LaGreca, Thomas
Lamboy, Jose
Lana's Unisex Hair Salon
Langer, Gloria
Lazarov, M/M Harry
Lefelt, Carol & Steve
Leon's Cleaning and Service Inc.
Lim, Jr., Feliciano
Lione, Marisa & Robert
Lopez, Paul
Lorenzetti, Deborah
Lorenzo, Frank
Lubach, Joyce
Luistro, Carol
Machel, Norman
MacLachlan, Marjorie
Maietti, Michael
Maietti, Teresa
Maldonado-Gonzalez, Julia
Marko, Richard
Martinez, Suhely
Matika, M/M Bryan
Mayo, Ken
McCabe, Thomas
McCallum, Takeria
McCann, Mary
McCarthy, Arlene & Charles
Medeiros, Lynette
Medeiros, Sally & Paul
Meighan, Judi
Melton, Aaron
Mendoza, Angelina
Mendoza, M/M Wilfredo
Merck Foundation
Mercurio, Herbert & Angela
Merrill Lynch
Mesina, Ramon & Cristina
Midtown Pharmaceutical Services
Miller, Laurence
Montclair State Football
Moore, Marilyn
Moose Lodge #266
Mulvey, Karen
Murphy, Robert

Nardini, Antonio & Michelle
Nardini, Lauren
Nedswick, Anita
Noble, Rudy
Norton, Jeane
O'Leary, Frank
Palella, Joseph
Paramount Exterminating Co.
Paras, M/M Trigidojose
Parekh, M/M Rajnikant
Patterson, Donald
Payne, June
Pearson, Sadie
Peninsula Lodge No. 99 F& A M
Phan, Lana
Plattduetsche Volksfest Vereen of NY and NJ, Inc.
Polizzi, Roy
Presa, M/M Jose
Prodigy Learning & Day Care Center
Professional Security Consultants, Inc.
Provident Bank
PSEG-power of giving campaign
Reyes, M/M Wilberto
Richardson, Arlene
Rizzo, Benedicta
Rizzo, Dennis & Patricia
Rizzo, M/M Christopher
Rizzo, Mark
Robert Half
Robinson, Amy
Rodriguez, Dawn
Ronquillo, Eden
Ronzitti, William
Rosace, Diena
Rosario, Jose
Rowena's Delight
Royal Heating & Cooling
Royal Wine Corp.
RTA Travel of NJ
Russell, Kevin
Rutan, Norman
Rutkowski, Billy
Rutkowski, Edward & Arlene
Sabaliauskas, Stephanie
Santos, Hector
Sautner, Clair & Michael
Searle, Laura
Segal, Barry
Sepulveda, Jose
Settle, Carla
Sevilla, Rosa & Teodorico
Sexton, David & Carmela
Shader, Magdalena
Somerset Hills Learning Center
Special Olympics
Squitieri, Louis
St. Barnabas
Town of Harrison
Township of North Bergen
Unemployment Cost Control
Valenz, Remi & Tonia
Valenzuela, Tiony
Vasilantone, M.
Velez, Maria Isabel
Veniero Lock & Safe Co.
Veniero, Sal
Verga, John
Victoria's TV
Victory One Chicken House
Villagers Theatre
Villamaria, Elizabeth
Villamaria, Jose & Aida
Villamaria, M/M Armando
Vinnies III Pizzeria
Volmar, Lise
Vrola Meats
Walsh, Kathy
Werner, Harriet & Debby
West Side Tire & Automotive
Williams, Celeste
Wonder Bagels
Woodham, Gardenia
Zepf, M/M Felix
Zienkiewicz, Kim
Zurita, Nenita

Great care has been taken to assure the accuracy of our donor lists. Please accept our apologies for any discrepancies and let us know if you are incorrectly listed. Many individuals and organizations have given Hudson Milestones "in-kind" contributions. While space limitations prevent listing these gifts, we sincerely appreciate all donations.


Hudson Milestones is a Not-for-Profit Corporation, which depends on fundraising and donations to enhance the quality of life of our clients.

Your monetary gift will make a difference. If you cannot make a donation at this time, tell someone else about us who might be able to make a donation. Your gift of time is valuable to us also. Please call us to see how you can be one of our volunteers.

The agency is registered with the State of New Jersey and qualifies under the IRS tax code section 501(c)(3). All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable under the law.

    Please make all checks payable to:

    Hudson Milestones
    365-381 Clendenny Avenue
    Jersey City, New Jersey 07304


Please send an email with your name, address, city, state and zip code. An application will be mailed out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!

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